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Participate Community

Service Overview

Participate Community

At TRIPPLE T Healthcare Services, we believe that active participation in the community is essential for individuals with disabilities or health conditions to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. We are committed to empowering our clients to participate in their local communities, fostering inclusion, socialization, and personal growth.

Our experienced care professionals work closely with clients to develop individualized plans that promote community participation based on their interests, abilities, and goals. This may include accessing community resources, engaging in recreational activities, attending events or gatherings, volunteering, and more. We aim to provide opportunities for our clients to actively participate in their communities, build relationships, and develop new skills.

We understand that community participation can have numerous benefits, including improved social skills, increased self-confidence, enhanced cognitive abilities, and a sense of belonging and purpose. Our care professionals are trained in providing person-centered care, ensuring that the unique needs and preferences of each individual are taken into consideration when planning community participation activities.

Join us at TRIPPLE T Healthcare Services and experience the joy of active community participation. Contact us today to learn more about our unique and comprehensive services, and how we can support you or your loved one in participating in the community and living a fulfilling life.

Your Care, Our Commitment

The Care You Expect, The Service You Deserve!

When it comes to disability care and support, we understand that you have choices. At TRIPPLE T HealthCare Services, we pride ourselves on being a trusted and reliable choice for individuals with disabilities and their families. Here are some unique reasons why you should choose us:

Person-Centered Care

We believe that each person is unique and deserves individualized care. Our approach is person-centered, meaning we focus on the preferences, needs, and goals of each individual we serve.

Compassionate Team

Our team of professionals is experienced, skilled, and dedicated to providing the highest quality care. We carefully select and train our staff to ensure they have the knowledge, skills, and empathy to support individuals with disabilities.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a wide range of comprehensive services designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities. From disability support services, care coordination, and allied health services to respite care, support coordination, and skill development, we provide a holistic approach to care that addresses physical, cognitive, communication, social, and emotional aspects.

Trusted & Reliable

We are committed to providing reliable and consistent care that our clients and their families can trust. We are responsive, dependable, and accountable in delivering our services. Our clients can rely on us to be there when needed, providing compassionate care and support that meets their expectations.

Protecting Anything

How To Book Our Services?

Booking our services at TRIPPLE T HealthCare Services is easy and convenient. You can choose from three simple methods to book our services and take the first step towards receiving exceptional care and support for yourself or your loved one with a disability.


Call Us

You can call our friendly and knowledgeable team at 1300 803 007  to discuss your needs and requirements. Our team is available during our business hours to assist you with any questions you may have.


Email Us

You can also book our services by sending us an email at . Our team will respond promptly and provide you with the necessary information,


Visit Us

 If you prefer a face-to-face interaction, you are welcome to visit us at our office located at 17 Fallon Place Seville Grove WA 6112.